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Items you can donate

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We invite you to join the many who have contributed to Bags4Kids and help us continue to comfort children at scary times in their lives. Here you will see what we are all about. If you have any questions or if there are other things you would like to donate but are not on our list, please email us.

Financial Donations

Our organization is set up as a non-profit foundation: The Bags4Kids Foundation. We adhere to strict non-profit guidelines and account for every dime donated. We accept monetary donations in any amount, so please give generously. 100% of all monetary donations are used to purchase supplies. When you donate to Bags4Kids, you will be given our non-profit tax ID number for your records. Simply click on the donate button to donate online or make your check payable to Bags4Kids, P.O. Box 2234 California City 93504.

Donate a Bag

We give new or gently used backpacks, duffle bags and diaper bags of all colors and sizes to needy children everyday. Collect bags! Make it a school or scout project. We stuff the bags with supplies list at right.  

Donate Personal Items

Bags4Kids accepts personal items for babies, children, older children and teens. We create comfort bags for kids who really need them. Please look over our list at right and donate today. 

Donate a Prom Dress
Bags4Kids accepts donated prom dresses year round. We give new or gently worn dresses to girls who cannot afford a prom dress, because all girls love to be pretty. We accept dresses in all sizes, colors and style. Help make a young girl feel special. 

School Supplies
Spiral notebooks, pencils, pens, erasers, colored pencils, markers, crayons, coloring books, pencil boxes, drawing paper and maze/puzzle books, composition books are used for journals. 

100% of all monetary donations are used to purchase supplies to fill our bags

Donate to Bags4Kids Now!
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Please take a moment to give a few dollars to help comfort a child in crisis.



Diaper bags 
Diapers (any size)
Sipper cups 
Baby bottles 
Baby socks and t-shirts (any size) 
Baby formula 
Baby hair brushes and combs 
Small toys and stuffed animals 
Photo albums   

Duffle bags 
Small tubes of toothpaste
Tooth brushes 
Sample size lotions 
Sample size deodorant 
Sample size perfume 
Sample size shampoo/cr rinse 
Hair brushes and combs 
Spiral notebooks/composition books
Small photo albums (these items are needed so children have a place to track their
journey in pictures or writings) 
Boxes of writing pens 
Small boxes of crayons 
Coloring books 
Small reading books 
Stuffed animals/Beanie Babies 
Packages of socks 
New boys or mens t-shirts 

Make-up/lip gloss/make-up bags
Nail polish 
Dental floss 
Maze/puzzle books 
Reading books 
Address books 
Small boxes of stationary 
Playing cards 
Battery alarm clocks
AA batteries
Bath gift sets/cologne/perfume
Toothbrushes/tooth paste
Mittens/gloves all sizes
Packages of socks 
New boys or mens t-shirts

How Bags 4 Kids was started

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Mrs. Moser was a foster parent for over 25 years and grew tired of seeing the children coming to her with nothing but the clothes they were wearing. Or maybe they carried a piece of paper, of a picture they had drawn at the police station. While watching an episode of Oprah one day she saw a young man that collected suitcases for foster children. She thought that was great for the kids but a little too dull and suitcases would take up too much room. So she prayed for a better idea. Something fun and also helpful.Then one night it came to her “you can fill diaper bags and backpacks”. Yes! There it was, the answer she had been searching for. She ran to her computer, asked every friend the most important questions such as “If you were 4 years old, what would you want in your backpack?” The next morning her inbox was full. She filled 11 bags, took them to a police station and a local paper did a story. Her garage quickly filled with donations, so she needed a bigger building and that blessing also arrived in the nick of time. That was 17 years ago.Over the years she began to add on new programs as she saw what the community needed and so: Bags4kids provides Social workers, shelters, teachers, foster parent agencies, police and recourse centers with “comfort bags” for children who have become displaced. They also donate prom dresses, winter coats, costumes, school bags, diaper bags (for teen mom’s in parenting classes) , teen bags (for social workers to give as rewards), car seats, cribs, shoes, clothes and toys. Bags4kids receives support through public and private partnerships and individuals throughout the U.S.All of these programs are year round and donations are always needed and welcome.Please visit our web site www.bags4kids.org


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