Bags4kids provides "comfort bags" to children who have been displaced due to neglect, abuse, abandonment. They give these bags to shelters, county offices, resource centers, foster parent agency's, police stations and schools. Bags may also go to families with very limited resources. Through donations, Bags4kids is able to support the mental wellbeing and comfort of children during a stressful time in their lives.

When children are removed from their homes, they travel with trash

bags in hand...if they have anything at all. Sadly, the majority have nothing. When children must face this crisis alone, Bags4Kids is there to comfort and aid in this frightening transition.  

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Bags4kids Foundation

Bags4Kids collects new and gently used back packs, duffle bags, tote

and diaper bags, and fills them with various items that will bring comfort to children during transitional times in their lives.

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Imagine you had just been taken

from your home, your family and your pets. You are put in the back of a car  and are headed for the unknown. You have nothing. No warm hugs to console you, no teddy bear to hang on to and nothing that gives you any comfort.

You might be headed for a police station, a social worker’s office or maybe even a Foster home. At any of these places you would be scared and feel all alone. Maybe you’d even be at one of these places for hours before another stranger took you somewhere else. And you are only four years old.

This is the reason Bags4kids was started; to give some kind of comfort to a child who can’t help feeling alone and scared in a very terrifying situation.

  • Fills comfort bags
    for abused children
  • Provides clothing & shoes
  • Collects and Donates Winter Coats
  • Diapers, formula
    & baby food
  • Toys for the Holidays
  • Collects and Donates Costumes
  • Household items for Domestic Violence victims
  • Collects & Donates
    Prom dresses
  • Acquires baby beds, bedding, car seats, strollers & toys for Social workers seeking them for their clients.