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About Us

LaJuana Moser
Founder & Executive Director
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LaJuana Moser was a foster parent for over 24 years. During that time she cared for over 150 foster children and adopted 5 of them. She was saddened to see so many of the children coming to her home with nothing in hand. Foster kids coming from other foster homes came with their items in trash bags. Foster children in crises came with nothing at all.
One day while watching the Oprah show she was amazed by a young man who collected suitcases for Foster children. This man’s idea inspired her, so she prayed to God for ways in which she could help. She wanted to do more for these kids than just provide for them in her own home. Thus, she began filling backpacks and diaper bags and giving them to children in crises situations, in hopes of giving them pride and dignity. 
Over the years Mrs. Moser has added other programs to bags4kids such as giving prom dresses to any girl in need. Helping social workers and police officers acquire beds, bedding, clothing, shoes and school bags for their clients or a child they have come into contact with that very day. Bags are made twice a year for teens living in group homes locally. There are clothing/shoe give away days. Formula, food and diapers are also given locally, when in stock. Birthday and holiday gifts are also given to foster children through foster parent agencies and county offices. Over 170,000 bags have been given since it began in June 2002.
Tom Howard
Vice Chairman
Tom’s career had kept him in various positions at Rio Tinto Minerals for 38 years. Upon retiring in 2003, Tom has devoted his time to Bags4Kids, helping in all areas of the foundation and where the most needs are required day by day.
Danielle Brook
Danielle began volunteering for us in 2002. She graduated with her Master’s Degree in Counseling and helping people is her greatest passion in life. She currently resides in Denver, CO and is working with foster youth by providing mentors for them. “Volunteering for Bags4Kids opened up my eyes at a young age to the many needs of foster kids and volunteering has reminded me that anyone at any age can make a difference to these kids.”
Alicia Armstrong
Volunteer since 2002
Alicia is currently a nanny for three families down in Orange County, while furthering her education in Child Development. Her passion is photography and helping people. She really enjoys volunteering for bags4kids when she can and helping spread the word.
Regina Armstrong
Volunteer since 2002
Regina is the owner of Extensions Dance Studio and works with foster children.
Amanda Collins and Mr. B
Amanda Collins and her son Mr. B are also volunteers. Both of them often make videos for us. Amanda is also employed at NASA research.

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